Tuesday, December 22, 2009

get into the grove

so as it happens every few months , i feel fat and want to lose weight. most of the time i never stick with it for more then a month. I'm not sure how long this will last . i cant make any promises to my self because then I'll beat my self up when i fail. and that's never a good feeling.

So Toby got a weight bench, and an elliptical. to help him , but he as doesn't stick with things. I have exercise DVDs, and a wii fit if Toby ever gets it back from his brother, goodness. i really like the DVDs and the wii fit. Toby says they do nothing for him. i guess we all need something a little different to get us going.

I'm back on spark people, That1girl734
i just tracked my food for the day . i started at midnight , i work nights so i guess that would be the start of my day. and oh my goodness I'm a fatty, i ate 2707 calories ,i;m low in fiber and b 12. but I'm getting back into eatting eggs, there cheap and easy to make. maybe a cup of soy milk a day or something.

I'm not sure how i should plan my workouts, and meals. because Toby doesn't like diets at all. and i cook all the food in the house, he would rather not eat then eat anything whole wheat or fat free.


Toby has been on T for a few weeks and he hasn't really changed. that much, he is a little more confidant, and not so needy. his voice his really squeaky. and his facial hair is growing in a little more often.

I'm not looking forward to the body hair. male bodies are so nasty in the way, yuck boys.

i got a big tote of old yarn from a friend of Toby's. I've been trying to make a hat or two pre week so that i can give them away once i get a box full. or next year at the hat drive.

I'm also thinking of trying to make socks. the thing I'm most afraid of is that on will be bigger then the other. i don't like to fail,so I've been putting off learning how to make them.

what i'm working on right now ravelry

a doll~ for my mom
a t shirt yarn purse
a diva halter top
a tie tote
a wooden T
painting a plate
baking a cake
decorating cookies
making chocolate covered things

ok until later bye

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blackdawn said...

Hey hey!

I found your blog by looking at your gorgeous hair on Nappturality! I wanna know more about your regimine because you and I have similar hair. I think we might be hair twins! I sent you a friend request on there I'm dancingbtrfly on that board.

BUT the reason I posted on here is because I wanted to thank you for posting about SparkPeople. I went to the page and signed up today I can't WAIT to get started HOORAY!!!

How are you doing on your journey??!?!

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