Tuesday, January 10, 2012


woo this post is way to wordy and rambin and such

ok so this all started off with me surfing cut out and keep. i saw these really cut paper flower. But I don’t have pretty paper then I remembered seeing fabric flower like that on craftster. But I didn’t know what they were called so I couldn't find them. so on to Google keyword fabric flowers. i got lots of different kinds but I was looking for what after ten minutes of crazy searching i found out was called [b]Tsusami Kanzahi[/b]. So I looked at all these different sites for tutorials that were easy to follow. Ehow was not the place they just tell you in words which doesn’t help me. So I went to the great and powerful YouTube and found this video. The girl in it I think her name is Sara; she was so cute and fluttered at times that I kept me watching her video above all others

her blog

 Ok so the first two I made where crazy messy. I just had to redo them. Then I followed the advice in the video and ironed my fabric, I don’t have starch so I didn’t do that. But the flowers after that turned out great.  It could have been the iron or the fact that I just practices making them for an hour.

i wanted to use up some of my crazy shape and little pieces fabric stash. So there is cotton, canvas, satin, fleece. I have a never ending bag of (fake/plated) gold and silver buttons so I used those. I like the silver more so yea. I found that the buttons will sink to the center of the flower. The only way that I have found to stop that is to sew a little circle on top of the center and sew the button to that. then you sew a clip, bobby pin or whatever to the back.

as im sure you can see this cat bed is way to small. i have no idea what size cat the person who made this pattern had. or my cat is just to fat i don't know. my other cat dexter can fit in it. i not sure if she like it or not. she like to sleep in uncomfortable places like toilet seats, piles of paper, table, drawers full of knitting needles.


pattern- Cozy Pet Bed by Johanna Dzikowski
yarn- all different kinds for blue yarns that i had.
hook- J

the quilt top that killed two needles. i got kinda upset with this one. I wanted to try to machine sew a quilt. my machine is very tiny and cute like a my first sewing machine . i just don't think it was made for this. so i had to make sure the two seams weren't stacked on top of each other. and even then the machine/I hade a hard time going over the seams. so i looked up this issue and im a puller, which is a bad thing i guess but i taught myself to sew. so i dont know how to just guide the fabric i've tried and its a crazy hot mess. so i will just have to see what happens when i add batting and backing. a machine fire, fabric being eatten, my finger being sewn to the quilt.

the to small red and blue scarf , the blue was turned into a cat bed. so that was frogged. still working on the scroll scarf. i should be going to joanns today so i can get the yarn to the shawl.
k bye

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