Friday, January 6, 2012


oh boy i forgot i was supposed to be making scarfs for the special Olympics. the website says to use red heart yarn. but the deadline date is the 10th and i don't have money to go and buy the yarn. so i made one scarf using the Caron simply soft yarn i have.

then i went to knitting group and was put to shame when the other member who i told about the months ago had someone drop off her scarfs she made three. and as you can see the right brand is alot brighter. so i don't know if i should even send in my scarf.

speaking of knitting group. I tried to help a mother and daughter learn to knit. the mother got it really quickly and was knitting with in an hour. and little girl of maybe 10. oh my she was getting it at first. then i turned my back and her knitting loops where huge. so i watch to see what she as doing. she was holding the needles 4 inches apart. pulling the loop though the knit stitch with her teeth. i think she was just frustrated by that point. but she got all the 50 stitches from the left needle to the right one way or another. and her mother wanted to save the messy first try. so i slipped what ever i could onto a string. the girl looked upset that her mother wanted to keep it.

what Ive been working on

i finished a quilt top. just need to get batting, backing , edging stuff, and put it together. its hand sewn i think i may have made 1/2 inch seams which made it way smaller then it should have been

scroll lace scarf

another Olympic scarf. but i ran out of yarn so i think I'm just going to undo it and make something else with the yarn

I'm also sewing another quilt top for got to take a picture of it

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