Thursday, January 12, 2012


I went to joanns planning on getting some yarn to finish my shawl and knit a sweater for my mom. then i went to the pattern section. I have make a well fitting clothing on my project list. and i found a bunch of cute dresses that i wanted to make. but i was really stuck on this one, i went back and forth about buying it on sale it was 10.99. i mean come on that much just for a pattern and the paper is thinner then printer paper.

I wanted to try to make it with a really nice fabric. not really a good idea if your just starting out. but you know go big or go home. so i went for silky/ satin material. i got three yards and two different prints it was around 20$ each for those. so i put back the yarns that i had picked up. but i was so excited to be making the dress. 

i went home and just started cutting. i went for the shorter dress. and i went for size 12 in the pattern. but if it was a tight dress i would've had to go with a size 16. i tell you patterns in juniors run small.

i made the whole dress in a day, around six hours.

this is my first almost perfect peice of clothing i've made

pattern mccall m6113

im working on making cross stitch bookmarks. im trying to make things for a fundraiser so that the knitting group can learn yarn dying or spinning. we also need to buy more needles and hooks for all the people who come to learn

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waggonswest said...

Oh, that is beautiful. You look beautiful. What a smile. You can be very proud of that dress.

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