Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I don't want to see her cry ....

fat tuesday was fat i ate like three of those Pounchki things. So i ended up only eating rice and tomato salsa for dinner. Toby and I exercised.
walk/ jogged .80 miles
did some weight lifting with my five pound weights
5 reps of squats
5 reps of lunges
(and i tried to do leg lifts with ten pound weights but didnt get to far)
Rowing for 3 minutes

we have to kill time before going to the airport.

Life: I got hit on hard core. I dont like it when men are aggressive with it. Tell me i look nice and go. He followed me around the store had is friends try to talk to me. Asked me for an application just so i would have to talk to him. Then when I think there gone he pops up will im in the open area bagging chips. I told him i had a boyfriend, and i guess his friends where getting tired of his silly game so they left.

Come on now were not in high school we dont need to play the lets flirt with the girl and make her think shes pretty the laugh at her game, I hate that game.

what kind of man would i be~ mint condition
pretty brown eyes

I might have to look and see if i can download there CD

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Reflection said...

Way to get some workout in before going to the airport. Toby is starting to become a regular in the excerise department. That is so great he's working out with you.

Glad you didn't fall into their game. Like you said tell me and move the hell on. It's so anoying especially when you know you're already cute lol.

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