Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I dont really have a religion. I was raised Christian and now dont believe or practice it. So this year i wanted to try to give something up for lent. I know nothing about it. It's just an excuse to ease into almost-veganism.

I want to give up dairy and eggs.
So I asked Toby if he would do it with me. An he gets all huffy about it all like (your the lactose intolerant one not me why should i have to give it up)
because i want you to
(why are you even doing it, you didnt want to be vegetarian a few weeks ago, now you want to be vegan, I know its not for the animals)

I got really upset.
and then his mom is all like
(why are you taking away the dairy and all that from him, he needs it, you can do what ever you want but dont make him, he needs it for his bone ,... bla bla bla) so tell her that he can get what ever milk has in it with silk, vegetable ,and other things.

she just ignored me.
But the part i was most upset about was that Toby didnt even back me up or anything.

So we went out into the hall and talked. Now he's just like fine i'll eat what ever you cook. but i'll eat cheese and other things if i want if i cook it, or go out to eat.

Now i just dont care, I just dont care. I'll go thought the veganess alone. :'(


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Shortimus said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of support. It helps when you have someone that is going through the same thing as you and can be supportive.

NuBeing said...

Girl, you're getting healthy for yourself not for Toby. While it would be wonderful to get his support, i've realized that it's really hard to get men to change their diets! LOL. Especially when their mommas come at ya. I remember going to my boyfriends mother's house for thanksgiving and her grilling me about not wanting to taste her turkey. The BF and I had been vegetarians for about 8 months by then but to avoid the drama we ate a little piece of it and it tasted like cardboard. Our taste buds just weren't feeling it. I say all that to say: do it for you! Once Toby sees how healthy you are and the change not eating dairy products has brought about, maybe he'll come around. I'm trying to be vegan even though i'm not into Lent, i'll abstain from dairy with you if he won't.

p.s. the BF's mother is giving up MEAT for is funny..

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