Monday, February 4, 2008

An I cant stop this feeling anymore

Life: I was so nervous about my interview today. I got all dressed up, and knitted and played on my ball which helped, until i got into the building.

I met with lisa, who was nice, then she goes you should be interviewing with the store manager not me. So i wait for him for about 5-10 minutes. He was really nice and we talked about all the things that i did for work my hobbies. i realized that i like to run around at work and he told me that office max is a different crowd then my other jobs. He seemed really ok with everything that i could do and have done. Then he also tells me that he is just a replacement manager and he needs to talk to the real one and see what the hours are like. So i dont know if i have the job or not. I have to wait for a call.
Knit: I rediscovered craftster and I want to do some of the challenges. The hat that i was making is the size I want my waist to be. So instead of getting upset, about making the hat to big. Im going to make a skirt.
rules and the one im working on is Selfish, Selfish - Knitting to pamper yourself
Fitness/diet: I made pizza yesterday recipe mines had light cheese, tomato, and onion. I didnt spread the dough out enough so it was very thick crust pizza, but still good.

I fit in my favorite pants a little better today

30 waist
36 hips
22 each thigh
129 weight

I found my fit to strip DVD. I did girls next door kendra workout 10 minutes, standing abs 10 minutes, and bootylicious bun 10minutes.

When i was trying to do leg exercises with my left leg it keep feeling like i was going to pull something so i had to keep stopping .




sweetnes said...

Congrats on the pants victory and it sounds like you make some great impressions during your interview.

Reflection said...

Well alright now. Congratulation on fitting back into your favorite pants!!!

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