Saturday, February 23, 2008

I dont want to lose my baby

Fitness: I got my work out on this morning. My somewhat diet is dead, I dont know how to diet, i've been trying to eat less, but im still not losing weight.

Knitting: i'm trying to learn a new technique called double knitting. it's when you have two colors in a pattern and two sides that are opposites of each other. I dont think that im doing it right at all. but i will just keep working at it .

I'm almost out of yarn for my skirt so far its cost me 7$ so im not going to buy anymore.
Hair: i've been thinking about cutting my hair but i dont know. Toby hates the idea (he hates change and it killed him the last time)

a few months after the BC
(i dont think i've ever post a picture of him)



sweetnes said...

Congrats on working out. I'm sure you'll figure out the eating part soon. If you're worried about calories and portions, you might want to check out; if you put in your weight and height and your goals, they'll tell you how many calories you are supposed to eat and give you a meal plan too. I don't really use the meal plan, but the calorie counter has helped me see how much I'm supposed to be eating. HTH and thanks for the HUGS :)

Reflection said...

your hair look great short!Yes you'll figure out the eating part soon. It's not about dieting but choosing healthier food. Just keep at it.

that1girl said...

Sweetness:I was counting calories using another website. It was just so i knew what i should be staying away from or cutting down on. Now i kind have went crazy eatting candy,muffins, doughnuts, fries. I just need to get back into control.

reflections:Thanks :D
I have been choosing the wrost.

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