Wednesday, February 20, 2008

rice rice baby

I worked out today
tredmill 20 minutes 1.25 miles 3.5-5.0
five lunges both sides
then 10 alternating lunges
lots of other things too.
Food: I cant remember how my grandma makes her sweet potatoes. So i just boiled mines in the liquid it came in, 2 tbs butter/margerin, brown sugar 1/4 cup, vanilla 1 tbs
If you have a good recipe please share

I tried cooking rice for the first time today (that wasnt minute rice)rice

it was supposed to be light and fluffy, but it was sticky and mushy,but still good for my first time.

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sweetnes said...

OMG, you just reminded me about the first time I cooked rice. My college friend had started the pot going, but she had to leave real quick so she handed me the spoon and said to stir so it didn't stick to the bottom.

Well I stirred it alright. I stirred past the point when it was done. It was a big ball of stick gooey mess, but at least it didn't stick to the bottom of the pan :) LOL. Now I use my rice cooker or those already cooked microwaveable packs.

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