Monday, February 25, 2008

hey y'all

i dont know what happened to the feed thing. So i thought everyone left me. Then it came back and there are a million entries.

Ok yes my diet has went off the deep end.I went out to eat at this greek place. they messed up my order the first time with a big slab of lamb. so the second time it was covered in feta cheese. I was so hunger i just ate it and it was not good to me the rest of the day. i've been eatting way to much candy, and baked goods. It's getting so hard to even stay on track.

I mean i was going to eat ramen noodles last night, but toby goes no eat my moms food it not that much cheese. I was a deep fried tortilla with a cheese stick in the middle, but it was so darn good. I need to learn to say no and not be afraid of turning down food.

will i should be getting up to go work out. I like to go the gym this early no one else is there and i can watch VH1 or MTV and not have to use my mp3 player.


sweetnes said...

Yay for early morning workouts. I've been doing that for the past two weeks and I'm loving them. Now if only I could get to sleep earlier...

I have faith you'll get your eating habits together. Just start small and make some better choice - instead of a large fries, try small or medium. You can do it :)

Reflection said...

I'm sure you'll get your eating habit back on track. Every one stray a little. Just regroup and start back over.

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