Sunday, April 22, 2012

4-22 the mall

i got my tax refund, half went to fixing the car and the rest went to shopping.

while the car was being fixed Toby and i walked to the mall two miles away from the guy who was fixing its house. this was like 1pm or so. I was given a 300$ budget.

I spent 70 or so at meijers the day before. I got two dresses and strapless bras, because i have no idea what happened to the ones i used to own. nail polish, and something Else.

I really want to start dressing more like I'm 30 and less like I'm 14. so i tried to stay away from the juniors sections and stores. I don't understand young peoples clothing anyways. you can show a little cleavage, not the whole thing. and do skirts/dresses/shorts really need to be so short.

Toby also wants to start branching out from just graphic tees. so he had a goal while at the mall. which made him a little less bored.

we went to all the stores that i could see good sales signs in the window. I only shop sales and clearance rack. I don't care about not being on tread, if i can get these 70$ pants for 20$ I'm going for it.

so i got some dressy shirts. but it was hard to find pants in my budget, that fit well. they were all so long or to high waisted. i found some but i had to go to jcpenny's petite section, i went with Capri's for summer. I gave up on skirts to long or to short, it just was not going to happen.

then i wanted some shoes to go with my dresses and also my pants. again sales racks, but 9 1/2 is not an easy size to find. so sears , i get 20% off everything, so i just went with the 30$ sandals, and i felt so guilty. i could have got three more tops for that price. but i only have three pairs of shoes at home so i needed them. and there so comfortable, i love my shoes.

we got Toby, some shorts , tees, and a vest that he fell in love with. but he was feeling guilty taking money away from my clothing budget. I just want him to look good and feel good, so i made him get them.

for more shoes we went to payless. and even those prices were a bit much but way cheaper then mall prices. I got a pair of platform sandals, seemed like they would go with more then heels. and got Toby some shoes to go with his new clothes.

I spent all my money and got way more stuff thanks to being picky about prices

now after all that shopping it was 7pm and the car still wasn't done, but we were done with the mall. Toby's mom picked us up and we drove around with her. then came back to her house. she had this strange young boy with her. so Toby and i sat on a couch and the boy sat on the other. i tried to get some sleep seeing that it was 9 and bed time. but it was so hard and uncomfortable. the car got finished at like 11pm. Toby's dad was dropping off his brother, so he took us to the car. we didn't get home til 12am. and i had to wake up at 3:20am for work.

and yet I'm not in a dead sleep right now. I wish i could sleep with light and noises around, but day sleeping doesn't work well for me

im going to go try to get to sleep now, k bye


Jester said...

Honey Screw the mall! Most of the clothes will rip. We are going VINTAGE CLOTHES SHOPPING!!! You can snag some good ones. Yes previously worn but you can get some amazing buys at thrifts for nothing and the fabric and make is way more better then that cheap new shit at the mall!

You'll be looking beautiful and mature.

Ok I am going to try to come in June, and we are going shopping! PTO and much much more :) I am buying you a dress!

that1girl said...

yea we'll have to do that

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