Saturday, April 21, 2012

4-21 non-craft post

first lets talk about hair.
I love mines. I love to wear my hair out. but it can't fit into hats, hoods, or ear bands over it. so during colder months it has to stay twisted/braided most of the time.

but its warm out, i dont have to work at a job with a hat right now. so im letting it be free more.

so this week i took out the twist that i had in for two weeks. I can't keep them in long my hair will loc.

so i undid the twist that took five hours
twist out, i can wear my hair like this for a day or two

so i wanted to clean my hair, really good. so i used a baking soda rinse . I find that this works so much better then normal shampoo, they just get stuck in hair clumps and dont get to the scalp with ease. but its easier to pick up a bottle in your shower, then mixing up something.

i like to double the recipe

then i deep conditioner my hair. which is just slapping alot of conditioner into my hair making sure its coated, then wrap the hair with a shower cap/plastic wrap/ plastic bag whatever you have. then i wrap a towel around that because its just messy. leave all that on for a half an hour.

then i finger comb my hair. if my hair is really tangled i will use a wide tooth comb. this can take thirty minutes to two hours, depending on how often you comb your hair.

my hair can look shorter then it really is

then to finish it all off i did an apple cider vinger rinse i added peppermint oil and olive oil. and then just get out most of the water, then gently shake your head. do not whip your hair, you will hurt your neck, willow smith is trying to break necks, lol

i love hair dye also

after about six hours you hair dry pretty hair

thanks for looking k bye

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Jester said...

Damn that is alot of work woman! But you do have gorgeous hair and I have seen you get many compliments in a day. :)

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