Thursday, March 8, 2012

3-8 about me

i deleted my face book account. but i still have a ton of other sites that i check non stop. i mean i have no idea how i did it but i just wasted like four hours online. talking about crafting but not doing it. i think that I'm going to have to put my self on an Internet diet and only get online like an hour a day.

I know that people say that they do this to get back to talking to people in real life. but i don't have anyone to talk to other then Toby which is why he get way to much of me in his face. everyone that i know leaves in Toledo. and I'm not great at making friends at all.

Toby says that i don't have conversations i just question people and they don't like that. i guess that i don't really know the difference. i don't know how to talk to people.

anyways. so far over the last month Toby and i have been trying to get healthier. we only get fast food like twice a week now. so I'm cooking dinner every night. and i work out like three to four days a week. i don't go as hard as he does. I just want to be healthy not thin.


waggonswest said...

Hooray for the getting healthy! And good for you on cutting down in the internet. But with the number of projects you make, you can't be spending that much time on-line! You are already so far ahead on the 50 projects I can't even see your dust! Can't wait to see what you make next!

that1girl said...

thank you. yea, i spend hours a day crafting and get online like a minute or so every hour

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