Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14 pie day

pizza pie that is.

Zomg my beautiful toby tobes is thinking about going back to school. Yay, and oh no at the sametime. the last time toby went to school we lived with his mother for like a year or two. An we are adults and should act like them to. so were not going to go running crying home to momma. this means he wont be able to work as much. less money, less fun. I will be asking weekly for more hours at work or get a second job. Im to scared of working hard to help out. its just i love sleeping.

if all goes well in a few years we will have so much money i can buy these 40$ needles and this 50$ yarn . yes, yes, i have know idea why people need stuff that cost that much, but i want some too.

any way

I made a pillow to match the quilt

hand sewn with the left overs from the quilt

still working on the sweater, scarf, and now a little toy.

i think im going to run out of yarn for the scarf so i may start on making a pair of fingerless mitts. but goodness the weather went from winter to summer so quick i dont think i'll be  needing them. just watch its going to be a snow storm next week or something. silly global warming

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