Monday, January 2, 2012


Hiya happy new years i guess.

I think I'm really going to get some quilts made this year. i mean i have all the pieces cut and such. we'll see what happens.

these are from last year

pattern Ripley by Ysolda Teague
yarn- red heart super saver black, Caron simply soft pink, Caron wintuk blue
needle size 8
I made the beanie size . It was for my sister Asia, but i didn't get to see her during my time in Toledo. I might ship it but I'm not sure

no pattern, make a six foot chain. DC one row of blue, DC two rows of pink, DC five rows of black and your done
yarn same as above
hook J
made to go with the hat

pattern- Sweet November Scarf/Shawl by April Draven
yarn- unknown it was given to me. it was upcyled from an thrift shop sweater
Hook J
made while at my moms house with no other projects around this seemed like a good choice. it was also the only yarn i brought. i was rushed out the house while packing so i wasn't thinking clearly about knitting. just going to see my family.

I left it on my moms bed before i left.


I don't know if baking counts as a project on the 50 projects list but its going on mine. As long as I'm not just doing straight from the box. its work/fun for me. this recipe is really good.

pattern tiny shoes by Ysolda Teague
needle size 3
size made small
I really don't think i would make these again. i don't like how wide open they are at the top. but what do i know maybe babies have fat feet

DPN roll
sewn. i think that fabric is cotton
I made the little pockets then sewed the pieces together. i was going to use two ribbons to close it but it didn't work so i went with a button and loop. this is loosely based on other needle/pencil rolls I've seen.

here's is one way to make it


this is a shawl I'm working on. this is the first half the second have is the same thing. If all goes right i might wear it to my commitment ceremony in September.

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waggonswest said...

yet more great projects. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your quilts!

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