Monday, December 26, 2011


Ishbel by Ysolda Teague
i made the small, yes that is the small version of this pattern.
I've been working on this during breaks and lunches at work for a month, so i would say that it would take about two weeks or less if you work on this as your only project. but that's not how i roll.
I had to tink a lot with this and redo the lace part a lot. i was working in a poorly lit area to my defence

Elijah by Ysolda Teague
size 2 needles
Caron sport oops i forgot to add the toenails and its been packed up.

Poppy by Ysolda Teague
size 2 needles
OK so to get the curls i used an eHow tute . you make a slip knot then wrap it like a curler. then take a sewing needle and go under two wraps. i did this around knitting needles and got about six curls per needle. you spray with water. i preheat the over to 350, then turned it off once i put the tray in. left it in for about five minutes. I had to make about 50-60 curls for this dolls head to not look thin.
then i sewed the dress. but i couldn't think of an easy way to get it on and off. so i sewed straps. but they are to big so i had to make i knot, then tie that with a little bow. i hope the child can figure it out.
I'm working on another Ripley hat. one of my sisters asked me to make her a hat and scarf set. I'm not making the mittens. i don't have enough yarn for that.
I'm making the hat using magic loop I'm trying to get good at it so that i can get to a level that i can make two at a time socks. then my socks will be that same size. both to big or to small.
this i the last night that i have to work overnights. then if it doesn't snow Toby might take me to Toledo. since none of my family volunteered to pick me up :{


waggonswest said...

That shawl is BEAUTIFUL. Your work gets better and better.

that1girl said...

thank you

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