Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i finished the items for my moms gift swap and shipped them out today they should arrive in Toledo in time i think

Urchin by Ysolda Teague
size 11 needles

granny squares coaster
size j hook
pound of love lions brand- white, Ella Rea- brown, blue

i also sent a pair of candy cane earrings i made and a couple of pieces of candy

I'm working on another elephant. then another doll and hopeful i can get to Toledo at some point. I also want to start working on more items for myself. I need to get some yarn for this sweater
Stripey Spring Cardi by Mari Lynn Patrick  3 colors of yarn 528 yards each. I'm trying to get away from 100% acrylic I'm thinking
 comfy  45$ acrylic/wool
wool of the Andes 33$ wool
dishie 36$ cotton
full circle 40$
hmm i think a crochet sweater cost a lot more to make because it uses more yarn i think I'm going to have to go acyclic for this one. but i will go with better yarn for a knit one. I think i might try wool of the Andes

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