Friday, June 11, 2010

a T day mix up

man so we haven't been able to get toby's T for about two months now. will we he got he had to get the money from his mom. so as soon as we got home he wanted it. an i had to stab him, i'm not sure why he can't do it him self. he is not afraid of needles, he has tattoo. i think he just has unsteady hands or something . well i went to deep once,blood, blood, me scared, then the second time it was just a little poke. well that leg was done for. an i really didn't want to do it, and cause him more pain. but it had to be done, the third time was ok, and i ran away. in case he was just putting on a non pain face.

i made these for toby. i guess that i'm really bad at stitching on stuffed animals. so i painted on the faces, i don't know if it was come off in the wash

and i made this for knitting group


Heather said...

Aw they are so cute. :D

that1girl said...

thank you heather

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