Monday, June 14, 2010

yard sale

the yard sale was  a bust. we put out or our stuff. and some people looked but not many bought anything. we made 12$ in three hours. and i figured it wasn't going to get any better so i just went to sleep. we got tons of people asking about the rock band but no one wanted to buy it. not even online. why do people email if they aren't going to come? so we are going to give some of our stuff to julie at work. she is having a yard sale next week.

and my scrap blanket is coming along. i  added a few more squares


captain plaknit said...

i love your scrap blanket! i have been wanting to make one similar for ages! you have totally inspired me!
and thanks for the kind words about my coming out as trans on my craft blog - it is always exciting and heartening to know that someone understands. i have been on T for about 7 months now - experiencing some mid-puberty stuff!! i am thinking of doing some more blogging about that, but not sure whether it works on the captain plaknit blog.

that1girl said...

thank you.
it's your blog do as you wish. it doesn't have to be all one topic.

that1girl said...

look at this scrap blanket

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