Thursday, June 17, 2010

quickly get to know me

I'm Dominique

I grow up in Toledo,Ohio. An moved to Ypsilanti ,Michigan when i was around 19. my mother had me when she was 14 so i was mostly raised by my grandma. I have one sister by my mother (Kayla), and my father is somewhat of rolling stone so i have 4 brothers and sisters that he claims. I'm only close to my Kayla.

I have been into art/crafts since i was very young. I even went to college for a little while to be an art teacher. but i realized i wasn't great at anything but art. i wasn't a great leader, and was bad at every other subject. so i dropped out. i was going to go back to be a social worker, but i never had the money to live and go to school.

I'm queer/ pansexual. I've known since i was 5. my boyfriend is FtM he came out to me three months into our relationship. we have been dating since 2004, after a friends birthday party got canceled . and we spent the night talking, i asked him out. we now live in Ypsilanti with our cat . we had a dog named Rosco, but he died. we had him for four years and he was always sick a few times a year

I was really into painting and drawing a few years ago. Then i was really into scrap booking. Then i was really into knitting. Now I'm really into crocheting. i also make jewelry, and things out of polymer clay. I've been trying to learn to sew but that's not clicking like everything before it. and I'm going to try to learn to embroidery.

When we moved to our trailer it had three bedrooms. It was one of the cheapest places we could get with the dog. an i got to keep one of the rooms to craft in. will crochet is a portable craft so i don't stay in that room unless I'm sewing. and yet it always get messed up. I get a lot of yarn donated to me, people find it and give it to me. so i have three large totes full of yarn. I make alot of charity items with it. but i just can't use it fast enough.

I like to make non use full items, cute things that just you just set up on a shelf. not like doilies,no. like clay foods, barbie dresses, game pieces glued to a pillow case. I like to change subject, my mind, and crafts often. i get bored with things if it doesn't happen fast enough. I don't really like kids, and I'm non-religious, but i like Christmas the fun parts.

I'm a very shy person, i don't talk much i mostly use my blog to talk for me. so when people meet me in real life they are very shock about this. I have two jobs, but still somehow craft more then other people. I think about my hair more then other people, i used to be obsessed with it


captain plaknit said...

so lovely to hear a little about you :) it is really nice to have an idea about the person behind the craft or blog you are reading. thanks so much for sharing. also, it is really comforting (for me personally) to know that there are other queer crafters out there! your story is inspiring! :)

that1girl said...

thank you very much.

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between