Saturday, June 26, 2010


i just got my partners name for my first swap. in her post she said that she was very much a girl next door, and a girly girl with out the pink fluff.

i'm going to have to try to craft something that is not to wild. Something that you would see in a martha steward magazine. but i really want to try something from my Big Ass Craft book . i think i might be able to combine the two. it will take a little bit of time.

i have a month to make something and have it shipped out. so a few of my seven WIP's will have to sit.

i have to make 1 meduim , and 2 smalls .i'm not sure i can do "small"

but i think i have a really good idea of what i want to make.

i tend to make 5 times more for my swap partners then they make for me. but i don't get upset about that because i crochet/knit fast. and i like crafting.

oh no this means that i can't show off what i make until after the swap.

things that i've finished in the past few days.



56. and a chain necklace, no picture
and a picture of knitting groups

friday night

tueday night


Kreative's Krafts said...

Wow I love that necklace! You get a lot done in a few days!

that1girl said...

thank you . yea i craft when i'm not working and i don't work much.

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between