Monday, June 28, 2010

large projects

I feel like i haven't been doing much crafting. but i have, i've just been working on larger/ complicated projects. i mean i didn't even want to start a new one today. i got on inch into a barbie gaga costume and just looked at my four project bags and just stopped.

I haven't got a reply back from my swap partner so i don't want to start anything for her yet.

the little clay items are done. and ready to give if anyone wants them. they are great on key chains, zipper pulls, necklaces, whatnots, you can even take the screw out if you like

I downloaded this new show called the Real L Word. hmmm i'm not sure i love it, its an ok show. but dont put this show in the same ranks as my old L Word. I loved that show it was my life. but of corse the L Word was a step down from Queer as Folk. really unsure if there will ever be a show that great again.

so i walk to my Maria's (toby's mom)  house that three minute walk it was crazy. but anyways yesterday she told me to come over and get some food. i'm like alright i love to eat, what ever, will maybe not because she cooks pigs heads and that just creepy. so i walk get to her house and theres like three cars in the drive. an i should have known it was all bad in there from that. So i walk in and theres like five guys in her house. three sitting and watching Dora with a little girl and two eatting. the one that spoke the most english told me that maria went out to get drinks. 

Ok what, why is she having a house party with all guys and a three year old little girl. i have no idea. so i just leave.

so every one wants to go out and do things on the 4th. but you know what they like to shop and eat. so there for im working . I really don't care because it really doesn't mean anything to me. but the thing i'm upset about is short shifts. they do that so they don't have to pay you to much time and half. so at one job im working 3 hours over four days. really it takes me twenty minute to get there such a waste of gas. but i'm really lucky to even have a job so i just keep it quite. because im sure that they will wont me to stay longer. right people want coffee and soup on the 4th right.

ok i'm done. man reminds me of when i used to blog like every day about life. now i really don't have one. good stuff.

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between