Monday, July 5, 2010

the hairless wonder

So my cat has fleas. So far we have tried to use flea powder all over the house. and put flea medicine on the cat. an none of that worked. there are fewer fleas. but they are still here. think we might have to fog our house.

Toby was dog sitting a friends dog, a little hairless mess (my cat is the same size as the dog). because they were going to leave the dog in a bathroom for two days. and that dog did not like me at all, and loved Toby. i was yelling at Toby to wake him up and the dog was barking and jumping at me. so i went to hit Toby and i had to jump out the way so the darn thing wouldn't bite me.

so we went to work left the dog in our bedroom , so the cat wouldn't kill him. we come back home and he is sitting on our steps. so we look all around trying to figure out how he got out. he broke the screen and the blinds. Toby was so angry, until he realized that we some how gave this dog fleas. he only has hair on one spot on his head, paws, and tail. so we couldn't ask the owners to fix it after we got there dog all bit up.

finished project for this week

three squares

four headband

two hats

ribbon cuff

I got a blister from being burned by the hot glue gun during some of these projects. this was my first time trying to do a feather head band. i got the feathers at a thrift shop, they only had yellow and black. the flower I've had for a while . the headbands i got on clearance for .10 at Kmart . and 90% of my yarn is donated to me, or swapped during yarn swap at knitting group.

I'm hoping this granny square a day will help to get my scrape blanket finished faster. the cuff is made with a used pop bottle, covered in felt so its not all painful, then covered in ribbon. next time i will use larger ribbon, and maybe a pringles can to make it stiffer. but then i would be afraid of it falling apart if it got wet.

all most done with my swap package.I'm going to work on the last item today while watching movies.its the best way to crochet/ knit. every other craft you need to have good mood music.i was listening to emeinem while making those headband. while sewing/ cutting fabric i like a little slower music.
things i hope to do in July
make 20 charity hats/ear bands/scarfs (5 so far)
make two more items for the swap  made 5 just need to finished up one more thing
finish all my WIP's
complete the granny square a day for July

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