Sunday, January 3, 2010

race you

hi a

toby and i are trying to see who can lose the most weight by summer.the winner gets to spend 50$ at the mall and make the loser watch them. so i'm trying to win,lol.

but we're not doing very good. we eat what ever we want.and exercise when ever we want. i went a full week with out working out. toby has been hogging the t.v so i forget to do my dvd's, yes there is a t.v in the work room, but its on the floor not very easy to go along with.

i've gotten into knitting podcast latly. i listen to Yknit and Diva Knitting. i will add more as soon as i get though the two years i missed on the first two podcast.

my hats are coming along slowly.but a two hats a week is great right.

i had to make a hat for my self yesterday, i've been wearing an earband but its getting to cold so i'm going to combine the two, yea.

I really need to get working on the stuff that i'm going to sell this summer. quick cute little projects.

toby and i have been working 4-10 together, i'm guessing until spring. so we are short on money. so i need to relearn how to live on less. there is a program at the library on it i'm hoping to go.

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