Monday, January 4, 2010

i want hair down to there

the other day i was helping a woman with a chair or something. she told me how much she loved my hair. i thanked her and commented on hers. then she says to me, you should think about sister locks. I told her that i just dont think i would like them. i like to change my hair alot.

I love my afro,i love my puff, twist, braids, maybe flat ironed hair once i get the nerve( and hope it doesnt melt my hair ). I think that the woman didn't really like the messiness of afros. because her locks were all in place, and overly glossy. maybe thats just how they look. but my twist are never that shiny for more then a day.


I wash my hair put water in my hair everyday. somedays its just shower water. somedays i use my mix. it has tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary, olive oil,condionder, and water. i found the recipe on i cant find it right now.

i condtion my hair now about twice a week. I do it before i go to work. because if i do it before bed my hair gets stuck in crazy directions, or flat to my head.

I try to deep condition at least twice a month. An while its DCing i detangle and change my style. I'm very boring with my hair now. because i work 4am-10am i only see customers for 2 hours a day. I love twist they are so easy to do while DC.

Braids are great to show how long your hair is . and they last alot longer even with frizz and fuzz. i'm not crazy about frizz i was my first two or three years. now im just like it happens its what natural hair does.

I shampoo my hair once a month. i'm using the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. I love it. it really takes away my frizz and shows my curls. the shampoo doesnt dry out my hair as much as other products. I also use the mouse if i want to really show off the curls and show people how beautiful natural hair is.

people also ways ask me what i used, if i have some kind of texturizer. and i just say shampoo and mouse. then you get the oh my hair cant do that. well just try it, your hair is you and you well love it, if you go natural. I haven't really got anyone to go natural i think . but they say that they would try it.

my little sister has this disorder where all of her hair fell out. and it wasnt growing back for a really long time. but its growing now. and its looking good. the last time i went to visit her. she shows me her TWA and shes all proud of it in the house. she like look dominique i think my hair curls like yours. It might even look better then yours once it grows. so i'm proud that she loves her hair. but she still wears her wigs in public. on step at a time.


I was hoping to have bra lenght hair. but it just didnt happen this year. i think that it may have been all of the dying that i've been doing. I love color, so i'm not sorry that i did it. just how often i did it may have been the issue. i have about 4 inches of undyed hair. so i could cut off the rest. but my boyfriend says that i dont look my greatest with short hair.

I canceled my membership. it was only 5$ a month but i wasnt even on that site but a few times a year lately. but can still look at the hair help. i only really liked the craft section. but theres always

well i think thats all

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