Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm the new cancer

Cleaning the bathroom and bedroom. I danced, jumped, shaked,and over did every movement. Soundtrack spice girls and panic at the disco,I love it so got to get hype to

Ball exercise too.
B~ vegan banana toast 4 slices with strawberries and peaches on top
S~chips 1/4 bag, extra dark chocolate
L~ deep fried cheese things, and rice
D~ yogurt, with strawberries and an orange

I'm going to Toledo for my little sister asia's baby shower this is what i got her. I hope she likes it i didnt spend crazy money but at least i got something.

some book and a stuffed simba that i got at the good will. none of the books have writing in them or riped pages and the lion looks like new.
the two outfits where on cleance.

So she is my second sister to have a baby ahsley had one at 14. i've never seen my little niece. on myspace pictures.

I did a bad bad thing I ate the cheese. and it was good. Now im going to be sick tomorrow.

maria made me clean the bathroom which i hate and she knows i i played my spice girls extra loud, sang along, and danced and jumped, in yo face maria. Then she goes comcast is coming tomorrow to install the cable. So i had to clean the bedroom too. I played panic at the disco, and had even more energy. I could feel the workout, from the dancing. After the room was clean i had room to work out on my ball.

Now im sleepy.
Toby thinks i dont write enough about him on here so heres some pictures

He said no dont post the one where im reading this kids book

post this one


Reflection said...

lol @ Toby! You pick out some nice gifts. I'm sure your sister will appericated what you give her. Way to get some excersise in while cleaning something you hate. I'm sure it made the cleaning less horrible and quicker. Have a safe trip and enjoy your self with family.

that1girl said...

reflection~ thanks for the comment
I hope its safe where going to get yet another snow storm in michigan/ohio

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