Sunday, February 3, 2008

not the best vegetarian

thank you reflection for the link.
oxygen magazine
now i just have to find the right weights for me and not be afraid to do it in front of people. because i the fitness room is never empty for long. I really should buy some 10pound ones when I get paid again.

Im mostly a junk food vegetarian. but i love to go out to eat. All you have to do is ask if the food is pre-made (frozen and all they do is heat it up) or fresh. if its made fresh then you can change it up for the same price or cheaper.I went to arby's the other day and got an italian sub, and asked for it with out the meat, all the veggies and tops, an i got it for 1.50 less. Burger king around here makes veggie burgers with morning star robin, ruby tuesdays, for a 1$ more have there own burgers and there just as big as the real thing.

At home I will buy hambuger helper, and eat it with or with out veggie crumbles. Tacos with refried or whole beans. stir frys, you can buy the canned stuff or frozen vegetables of your choice,rice, and soy sauce. Mac and cheese, with home made or store brought mashed potatoes, and canned,frozen or fresh corn.

I also love boca, and morning star stuff. When i have extra money I go to whole foods, where they have a great selectional of veg*n stuff. An whole foods salad bar oh my tofu so soft and flavored, i love it.

veggie cheese is nasty to me, no flavor at all.
You can get tons of recipes in teen vegetarian books.
heres some vegetarian links
vegetarian LJ
veggie_recipes LJ
vegrecipes LJ
peta 2
Warning: people on the peta2 site are not as crazy as the older peta members but the will scary people for no reason too

(i get all my books from the library and copy them into a binder

Quick fix vegetarian
better than peanut butter and jelly

(i'm not a vegan, but i really want to be, its way to much work)
vegan freak
vegan vengeance

ok im going to stop hair, knitting, and dog waiting for me


NuBeing said...

Hahaha..yeah i love Boca's products as well. I've got the quick fix vegetarian and i love the recipes cause they're so easy to make..i gotta get back at it..

that1girl said...

you have the book. I need books. the library isn't the best. later on when i have free money i may buy some

Reflection said...

Thanks that1girl!I'll be checking out the links. I have The New Becoming Vegetarian Book by Melina Davis. Didn't care for it.

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