Friday, January 18, 2008

there is no need to say you love me

Some time I just don't know. my boyfriend Toby is so insecure. I'm training this girl named julia. Julia is a very cute girl but im just not that into her, all the guys and heidi are.

So Toby is all saying that im going to leave him for her. I like julia because shes cool, and shes younger. all the women that i work with are in the late 20's and up. So now i have to do damage control with toby.

for the past couple of days I havent been working out and not eatting that great either. We have little to no food in the house and we wont until next week. An maybe not even then because of the school and car.

I really need to work out a little.they last time I did it was sides were a little sore but that was good. an im down to 130 yay!

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