Friday, January 18, 2008

I quit this bitch

I'm thinking about quitting vegetarianism. I've been craving meat for the past three months. I've been a veg*n for about three almost four years now.

I told my boyfriend and he laughed at me. I think it was the way i said it. then he realized that i was for real. then he got kinda sad. Im the one that cooks everything, so he is worried about that.

I dont think I want to cook meat to much. You know the blood and smell of it. but pre-cooked food might be ok.

Now im just going to read about how to go back into being a killer.

I did striptease, fit2strip, and a couple of minutes on the StairMaster to get my heart rate up

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Reflection said...

But you have come so far. Don't give up what you have I'm a striving vegetarian and trying to get where you have been. It awesome to read that you was a vegan for 3- 4 years. You'r such an inspiration.

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