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I used pattern 2317
I wanted to make something for my boyfriend. last summer a friend and i found this bacon and egg fabric at the thrift store.

I went with the size medium which is a size 43 hips, his are 40 and the small is 39.this was a mistake it was way to big.
So i went down to the size small. i reduced the waist band 2 1/2. and for my pair i did a 3 inch inseam. His pair he wanted to his knees.

i didn't have enough fabric for the whole thing so i chose gray fabric. the love fabric has glow in the dark words

pattern -Nesaiaby Sandra Dehler
needle size - 8, 10
its a pretty easy lace pattern. a quick and fun knit pattern. i might make another

pattern- My Girl Swirled Around The Worldby Denise Dalton
yarn- red heart super saver in purple tones
needle size - 8
the pattern is easy enough but i really didn't like working on these much. the thumb hole is in the middle so they can be flipped to have the ruffle/flare part on top or bottom

pattern- Leftovers Baby Socksby Matthew Hesson-McInnis
needle size- 2
Kayla said not to much pink so of course it makes me want to find all the pink left overs in my stash. but for real I'm going to make stuff in other colors later. these sock were easier and more fun then adult socks
recipe these cookies are not sweet at all. but there better then that bread. and Toby likes them so that's a win

WIPs, and planning
baby socks


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Jester said...

Beautiful hat! Glad i found the fabric, cute pants!

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