Monday, February 18, 2013



yarn dying
knit picks bare swish superwash merino wool
jacquard acid dye
I won this kit from a drawing over on the craft stash board over on ravelry.
This was my first time working with the acid. I had to buy new pots, so that i  could use my old pots for the dying. the acid can bleed into the pots so they are no longer food safe after dying. The dye color was teal. i added to much powder to the pots so the color i ended up with was a dark green. the white of the yarn is dyed with tea bags. so its a very pale brown color.
im not sure what i want to use this yarn for i have about 500 yards of DK yarn. I want to make something good. i was thinking a baby sweater, shawl, cowl. something simple i think.

pattern - Phannieby Phoebe Gaughan
yarn used im not sure, and caron sport
hooks used- E,F
this pattern was very easy to follow and fun to do. the brim could be a little bigger. its a bit snug

pattern- Shamrock Tamby Brandi Murphy
this pattern wasnt to hard to master. i dont really like the pointy top, im sure that can be fixed. I love this yarn its one of my favorite wool blends.
low carb cupcake for my love on valentines day


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