Monday, February 4, 2013



no pattern
needle size -7,10
I cast on 80 stitches did 2x2 rib, then went into the crossed rib 2 from my 400 knitting stitches . i did three repeats of the ever 20 stitches double decrease every other row
no pattern
                                                                needles- 8,10
no pattern
needle- 8, hook J
c/o 8 get up to 80 knit five inches 2x2 rib one inch
i think the cowl is 150 stitiches. and i sadly twisted the stitches when i joined
the recipe I didnt like this bread at all. it had the texture of bread pudding. and the taste of bran flakes.maybe if i followed the directions and made them flat it would taste better.
made a pizza this bread tasted better. maybe i'll use this recipe for a loaf
this pizza was really good. i will make it again soon.
im trying to learn to cook low carb for toby. for me im about to go to subway after i finish this post.
baby socks
a shawl
a hat
fingerless gloves
maybe a scrap scarf

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