Friday, January 4, 2013


nursing pads
i used this pattern
i used scraps of fleece, flannel, and cotton
i made 14
made them last year 12/28


made one and too the middle of the second
coming up
I was asked to make three hats. a hot pink unicorn with a rainbow mane, a green Mohawk with a blue hat under, a purple sock monkey. they are all ear flap hats. I will start these after the sock
my sister asked me to make her a hat and flip top mitten set.
then i will start on the things from my list
i also want to make some more items for my other sisters baby shower
In other news
my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Chicago. the whole thing came about for a foxy shazam show on the 30th. before that we went to the science museum.
the next day we went to the field museum . and saw fireworks in the sky deck.
the last day we went to the planetarium and aquarium


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