Tuesday, December 25, 2012


one glove down

so fail
I tried to make this pattern larger by added an extra pattern repeat. the leg was nice and comfy, just the right size. once i got down to the foot part it all went crazy.it was way to big. i tried to size it down. it just wasnt happening. i ripped this out and started over like five times. and then i just gave up on this pattern
Guitar Man Socks by Rebecca Mercier
this pattern is made for men so i didnt have to change anything. and the pattern is much easier to get down so its going faster.
Upcoming my list of stuff i might do next year
·         Mitt envy
·         Bronte mitt
·         Easy lace fingerless mitts
·         Travelling vine fingerless mitt
·         Leafy fingerless gloves
·         Fallberry mitts
·         Zickazk handwarmers
·         Wings mitts
·         Verdigris
·         My girl swirled around the world
·         Lacy fingerless gloves
·         Lace and panel wrist warmer
·         Star crossed slouchy beret
·         Nesaia
·         Shamrock tam
·         Lacy crochet kerchief
·         Butterfly beret
·         Durango
·         Lattice hat
·         Phannie
·         Brambles beret
·         Rustling leaves
·         Rose red
·         Little arrowhead
·         Magnificent mantle
·         Clapochet
·         198 yrd of heaven
·         Baktus scarf
·         Oaklet shawl
·         Elise shawl
·         Cladonia
·         Azzu
·         Drop stitch
·         Dichotomy
·         Zuzu petal
·         Christia bag
·         Brea bag
·         Sundance make up bag
·         Nordstrom crochet hobo
·         Get your granny on
·         Ribbon accent bag
·         Chunky chic  hobo
·         Coin purse
·         Pillow quilt
·         Simple quilt
·         Baby socks
·         Scratch mitts
·         Skirt
·         Dress
·         Cupcakes
·         Pie
·         Items from my cover to cover books


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