Thursday, May 10, 2012



pattern- Ishbelby Ysolda Teague
needles -size 5
6/E glass beads

there are a few mistakes in this one just like with anything i make. I've had this yarn in my stash for a bit of time i was going to make knee highs with them. but i messed them up , frogged and tossed the yarn. so im not really sure how much yarn this one takes so im just going to say its less then 400 yards. and i still have a bit of yarn left over.

WIP's/ in the works

granny's daughter squares blanket. i made a few more squares after this picture was taken. i even ran out of yarn and im going in my craft closet and frogging failed projects and getting scarps.

i traded a women at knitting group some sock yarn for the gray worsted weight yarn,she was trying to make socks with. someone gave her a gift set with a sock book, random yarn and size 8 needles. and these socks are coming out real big for a reason. i want others to love knitting, and work with the right supplies. i forgot to give her sock needles. i hope she can find some if not i'll bring her a set of mines next week.

so yea i got her gray yarn and i picked red and orange yarn from the random yarn box at knitting group. i hope it makes a cute robot.

I still need to get beads for the shawl.

i really dont want to start to many projects i have a big one in the works once i get the yarn and set everything in order.

a crocheted dress for a friend

anywhoo talk to you later

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