Friday, June 1, 2012


I've been with out my computer for a little while. so here's a quick update

Dalek Egg Cosyby Ellie Skene

i failed at making trinket. the color work was just to much for me. i will try again once i look at a few more videos or read more

for my birthday i had a yarn dying party. I poured one pack of kool-aid into a cup and fulled it nearly to the top, for each color. this made pastel colors. it was really fun to do , i just wish i had someone to do it with.

i found these purple metal finding, and a bag of star findings for a buck each. so these earrings are really cute and cheap

with clear beads w/ purple centers and clear beads

it was a really quick knit took like a week and i only used half a ball of the yarn

Turn A Squareby Jared Flood
using random acyclic yarns i have left
a few hats for knit Michigan

Preemie Hats for Charityby Carissa Browning
this hat is a pattern for preemie, but i didn't use the right size yarn

granny's daughter blanket

stitch markers

i dyed this yarn yesterday. here the how i made the colors

I used kashmira from jo-anns it just says 100% wool . its 290 yards i split the ball.
for colors red- tropical punch, orange- peach mango and four drops of red, yellow- lemon aid and four drops yellow, green- twenty drops of green and five yellow, blue- blue magic, purple- grape and four drops of blue
I used this tutorial and tried to blend the colors where they meet so i didn’t have a strong break of color. I'm waiting for them to cool right now. I'm so pumped right now :D

and i braided my hair today

I'm working on age of brass and steam in my pale rainbow dyed yarn

and some socks

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