Monday, February 13, 2012


here's what I've finished

two hoops for my fake hoop swap the theme of the swap is silhouttes or negative space.
i found these pictures of cats in that rainbow of stitches book. and i think that capture my cats pretty well. sadly the fabric wasn't long enough for the hoops so there is a little space open at the top and bottom of both the hoops . but I'm no perfectionist so it doesn't bother me.

a better picture of the yarn

a shirt i made and a couple different ways you can wear it with the help of ribbon and i got the pattern here . I'm getting better at hemming but not by much. I like this top its my first. man i over shot it when i brought that fabric. a full dress, a top and i still have more. maybe I'll make a pair of pj shorts.

pattern- sweet November scarf
hook size h
Caron sport


I've been working on figuring out how to make these socks.
 i found a pattern, but it only came in one size, i tried to make those socks and the leg was to tight for the slouchy sock style. so i took the pattern and added more stitches and knit straight so far they feel comfortable and loose. here's what i have so far

I will have to put these on the back burner because i need to work on items for a swap.
make me a hat swap. I'm looking at patterns, and trying to work with stash yarn because we don't have to much money right now.

i also learned to joy of overdrive. its a free service from your library so you can download audio books or e-books. I'm listening to "married with zombies"

and toby and i just started exericesing again. and let me tell you i hate it. my body hurts very much. in time im sure the pain will go away.

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