Thursday, February 9, 2012


i saw the article in crochet today about kool-aid dying party. and i think that will be a fun thing to do with the knitting group. so i wanted to try it out at home before i get a group of people to do it.
i don't really have any undyed yarn at home. so i used one of the many balls of crochet thread i had. also a ball of mystery yarn, i think its acrylic or cotton
you first have to wrap the balls into hanks. i used my sewing table. my crafting areas are always a mess.

then you soak the yarn in hot water for a half an hour

i only had fruit punch and lemon aid. then i also had the kind you pour into bottled water in grape.
i let the yarn soak in the colors for a half an hour.

i boiled each color for almost an hour each and the water never went clear . so the lemon color just was not doing anything it still looked white. I'm pretty sure that the tube kool-aid was a bad idea because it looked great until it came to rinsing the yarn. it all turned pink. a few shades lighter or darker pink.

for the mystery yarn i just left it in the bowl for three hours. then rinsed. it also ended up pink. and the colored stayed so i think that the yarn if cotton.

and i let the yarn dry overnight

once it was dry there was less color changes. I'm not really happy with the yarn.

and my hand is bight red


Jessica said...

I'm really surprised that your yarn just came out all pink :0/. When I tried dyeing, even with lemonade, it turned colors other thank pink...hmmmm maybe you had bad Kool-Aid? You should give it another try! I only tried dyeing 100% wool...FYI wool + Kool-Aid = a fruity smelling sheep.

that1girl said...

yea. it was just my first try i think i did alot of things wrong. i'll try again. thanks for the comment

Jester said...


"and my hands pink"

Oh dom you are so funny, props for trying , props.

that1girl said...

thank you jessica. ya gotta at least try

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