Friday, December 16, 2011


finished two dolls this week.

i used knit picks cotlin in bison, sea foam
knit picks comfy fingering
red heart super saver
size 3 needles for the doll in blue "18
size 2 for the doll in pink "16
 even after going down a needle size the doll still isn't the right size. so i just think that I'm not going to get to twelve inches.

braided hair

twisted hair

I'm going to try for a curly Afro for the next one. i also need to pump out something for my mother. who has a gift exchange at work and wants me to make something for her partner and ship it out and get it before 12-24

I set up my holiday tree and everything. it only stayed up for about two day. my cats kept taking things off the tree. and eating it so i didn't want to deal with that for weeks. here's what it looked like

I also cut up some squares to make quilts. i got these fleece throws on sale for like 3.99 at Kmart's. and some of the fabric came from wal-mart, some from Joann's.

i don't know when I'll sew these i guess after i finish up with all these holiday gifts that people will be getting after the holidays

on top the middle has "12x "12 and "6x"6 around
the bottom is all "6x"6

and my shawl is coming along I'm in section D i just have to finish up that and section E which is only one row and i will be done.

OK time to read this new graphic novel i got "ultra" and go to sleep. if i can i had five cups of coffee last night and its still kinda working.
k bye


Jester said...

Dolls are adorable- keep it up

that1girl said...

thank you

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