Monday, February 7, 2011


So this thing a day

day 1
embroidered hoop with a picture of me and my love. i used some chalk stuff, that i found in my donation box. i love it when i finally have a use for the things that people donate to me.

day 2

needle books. As soon buy some more needles I'd like to not lose them all again. the first one is scraps for some of my other projects. the second one is just some felt.

day 3

Baby booties. I don't know how big babies feet are but these seem way to big. so i guess they can just be a decoration. i made them for my soon to be second cousin yea the one that i don't know the gender of yet

day 4
some valentines bead. they are made of polymer clay . i haven't made anything with my clay in a while. they were all dried out and hard to work with . i used some liquid clay to soften. them up.

day 5
jewelry made from those beads. the necklace is a little ugly, so I'm just going to use it as garland or something. I really love the earrings. and i wore the charm bracelet to work and lost a charm.

day 6
 I worked on a row of my quilt. and knit a couple of rounds of my sock. and tried to make a crochet beaded bracelet that i saw on knit and crochet now it looked all easy on TV. not so in real life. i guess that kinda thing takes a lot of practice.

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