Thursday, February 10, 2011

quilt and more

now on my list of being a kick but crafter i really didn't see quilting being one. that was until i saw cool art quilt. i really liked it, because it doesn't have to fit perfectly, like the other things I've sewn

so i wanted to learn the basic with very basic quilt. I really didn't even look for help until i got to the quilting it all together. so I'm sure that its all wrong.

I used the left over fabrics from some of my other sewing projects. I don't know how to use my sewing machine with out it freaking out. so this is all hand sewn. one thing i must say is i don't like how it has all these little knots from starting new thread. so next time i will have to look into how to prevent it.but other then that i think it went well.

it took me about seven days to finish this. its 30x43

day 7
I made cupcakes for Toby and also had a dorky poem to go with the little cupcake kids. but you don't need to see that

day 8
I made a little cat toy. its knit with acyclic yarn, and has a resealable pocket for adding more catnip

day 9 I didn't finish anything. but i worked on a blanket square from my knitting today! magazine.

Have i told you about this knitting today, they keep sending me my magazines a month late. i have no idea why. i emailed them about it and they just told me they have until the sell by date to get it to me. which didn't make me the happiest camper. but i kinda like the magazine.its no knit.1 but its better then most

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