Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So i'm only to the leg of one sock. i got a bit bored with it. i don't see knee highs in my furter.

I finished two stuffed cat toys one looks a little better then the other. i got my other copy of stitch n bitch. and toby say a tiger toy now he wants me to make him that one. it will have to wait

I made a few ribbon flowers yesterday. the cats love to steal the puffy ones

then i wanted to use my sewing machine. i pulled out all my fabrics. all my patterns. an none of it sparked anything in me. then i remembered that i wanted to try to make a quilt this year. an my cousin is having a baby. may as well start off small right. she doesn't know if she is having a boy or girl yet. but i had a larger collection of girl colors, so yea. if she has a boy then i don't know what im going to do with it.

I have all of the stripes sewn.now i have to sew the stripes into one big block. then im not to sure about the rest. i looked at craftster and that helped alot. now i just need to keep going with my gut and im sure it well turn out ok right?

before shot

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