Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2011

I skipped December i guess. so here's the update.

I finished that sweater like the day after my last blog post. craft pictures

by not adding the hood i had a very large v going on. so i added buttons to make it close up. it looks nice with a shirt under. or i can leave it unbuttoned and have a collar look going on.

I  finished up all my crafting for the True Blood swap. my partner h00lie liked it here's a group shot.

a sookie doll, cross stitch bookmark, stitched picture, crochet pillow, crochet cowl, knit fingerless gloves, and a jewelry set.

two barbie outfits for a winter barbie CAL ,the sweater on top is what mines was supposed to had looked like.

my stash is getting smaller, but then i go more yarn for the holiday, and I'm giving some away once i get to the post office

and of course my mom wanted me to make her a table clothe with tan/brown yarn. so i have to buy more.

the only two holiday gifts i made last year a scarf for my mom and towels for my boyfriend


OK So last year i made or remembered to post about 140 projects. lets see how many  projects i can finish this year. a few thing that I'm working on right now or planning.

a baby blanket for my cousins baby, she doesn't know what it is yet so i making it with a greenish blue color. if she doesn't like it then I'm sure someone else would like it. Its going to be knit using a chart i found in the new stitch n bitch book, superstar knitting. its a leaf pattern. the original project is for a purse.

i also want to start making a few little things to sell. i might try to do flea markets on the day s that my boyfriend can take me. or craft shows, yard sales when i can find them for cheap.

so i need to look thought my collection of books and magazines. Did you know that there is a new magazine called "knitting today" yes from the makers of "crochet today" so now I'm subscribed for both, yay. I'm trying to get the Belleville library to carry them both. but my know small town libraries they don't have much of any thing. it looks like the last craft books they got in were from the early 90's.  So i still have to go to the city  to get good books.

I'm also giving sewing another go. i just have to find a good project i think i got ahead of my self with that dress this summer. and i haven't looked twice at the machine. I'm thinking a quilt, not like a crazy one maybe like a t-shirt quilt.

OK that's all I've got for now

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