Friday, January 28, 2011


i've been working on this sock for the past week. i have had to rip back twice and completly undo it once. after that i kinda lost a little love for the sock. and im not as into it as i was . so i have started one knit hat and two toy cats. i also undid that baby blanket i was working on because i knew i wasnt going to get around to make it.

I wanted to dye my hair aubern brown. its herba shine.

I had to undo my twist and undoing them while there dry is painful and takes a while
 even with the dye in you can just tell its not going to work out

 length of my hair when stretched

 wet hair the results

 and dry hair you can only see the color if there is back lighting behind my head. but my hair does look and feel nice. i think i want to get some of the conditioner that was in that box

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