Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I saw this post by Keena a while ago .
 An this week i was on my way to the library. so i decided i have all these hats that i was just going to drop in the donation box (but never got around to it). why no do donations in  a fun way. I think most of the hat were picked up by kids on there way home.because when i drove by to show my boyfriend my work a few of the hats were going out of the trees.

I tested this pattern out for a online friend. once she works out all the kinks i will post a link to the pattern.
it's an easy beginners lace knitting hat. i used Caron simply soft yarn, and size 10 needles.

So a friend saw the hat that i made for Jessica on my facebook page and she wanted on. i make more sales on facebook then i do on that darn etsy page that i pay for.
pattern is from stitch n' bitch superstar knitting,
used Vanna's choice yarn. I really enjoy that yarn. it may become my new simply soft.
size 3 and 9 needles. I also did cabling with out the cable needle for this hat. it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. i didn't lose any stitches. well almost a few times.
she wanted a slouchier version of the Gretel. so it did take a 100 more yards of yarn. and i think that it looks better then the beret version .


I'm working on a shawl and a purse right now. I had a heck of a time trying to think of what i should make next. I tried to make this purse three times yesterday. I messed up the lace pattern twice and i tried to make it with two purses at once but the yarn kept getting tangled. but its going smoothly now. and the shawl is the sweet pea shawl from the happy hooker, its really easy but eats yarn. so i think i may have to restart it with a yarn that i have a lot of or try to sell it for a little bit of money

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