Wednesday, July 14, 2010

update of the week

i haven't posted in a little bit

this is what i've finished latly

one WIP                     
one hat
second WIP

a couple of the grannys for the month

third WIP

i finished some one elses WIP's. the person passed away, and the daughter in law wanted to see how some of the items would look once they were finished. so she gave me all of the persons yarn and other craft suplies.
these two just needed a little work . the hoodie only needed buttons, the jacket only needed a collar and buttons. i made a little blanket to go with the jacket.

i've been trying to sell a few of my crafted items on ebay. but so far nobodies bidding on them. :(
i was supposed to be saving the money in my paypal account for a gift for toby. but then i saw things on ebay that i wanted. barbie shoes and stands. i need them for the county fair.
oh im working on my last items for the fair i have until the 24th to finish. i finished all my WIP's so that i can work on that and my granny's for the month. i will work on the fingerless gloves for busy bees after i finish.

not much happening. other then being behind in bills and low on food. cat using my bed like a litter box and going all over the house. gross cat

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DivineP said...

lets just say u look cute in that

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