Thursday, March 11, 2010

50 project in 2010

so i'm on craftster and looking at all these cool craft a longs yay. i'm joining the 2010 destash along and the 50 projects in 2010

March: green, pin stripes, shopping bags, inspired by a game, for your SO/other loved one,
April: pink, paisley, rain, recycled/repurposed items, for the bedroom
May: purple, argyle, toys/playthings, subversive crafts, for your parents
June: blue, ATCs, craft-themed, pin-up girls, for your kids
July: yellow, animal prints, vacation, patriotic, for the bathroom
August: metallics, lacy, sea life, crafts from a different time, for the exterior of your house
September: black, back to school, more arty less crafty, wearables, for your pets
October: orange, sparkly, skulls/skeletons, inspired by music, for a costume
November: brown, natural prints, craft you've never tried before, trees/leaves, for a holiday gift
December: holiday colours, animals, inspired by a book or movie, snowflakes, for charity/acts of Craftivism

so what counts as a project. would it be one crocheted snowflake or the whole group. I dont do well with the whole list thing. so the list will come as i make project or start them

*make a blanket for my mom
*make food stitch marker
*make cookie change purses
*make a granny square skirt

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I craft, I like making non useful items. And can't work on big projects without making ten items in between