Wednesday, March 10, 2010

warming up

I've started making more with my polymer clay. i've been using GentlemanBunny

the dog didn't come out as cute as the rest. i made this set for toby because he was sad that day. he loved it so much that he took them to work the next day and showed everyone

i wanted to make a necklace that looked like pearls. i used gloss to make them shine.

one was made by me and one by toby.Toby's looks much better then mines.

this was made for Toby's moms birthday

I started off just wanted to make one cute little bunny. but then i ended up making three. and i said hey maybe they can be easter bunnies. and all the goods inside just happened.
the two single basket are crocheted. I didn't want to mix anymore brown clay.

all of the bunnies and baskets are on sale on my etsy page


i've also been crocheting a little while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. so mindless crochet and knitting. i'm on season 5. i had to skip season 4 because the library was missing it.

some other things i've finished over the past couple of weeks


toby and i went for a walk in the park yesterday it was really nice out. i got to crochet on a deck on the lake. there was swans and geese swimming by. and it was kinda quite out too. i love spring, not to cold or to hot.

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