Monday, March 15, 2010

5/50 projects

my list so far.i'm posting as i go the first few are things that i wanted to that month.

1. sew blanket for my mom march

This was the first thing that i've sewn (on the machine) in a really long time. mostly because i don't know how to use my sewing machine. But it went surprisingly good this time. i only had one jam. and that was because i forgot to put the presser foot down, silly me. I didn't sew the edges down. because i was scared to and i like the way it looks anyways. Its just a throw not some heirloom piece. its 57x80 and made of fleece. the center is a better material.

2. crochet cookie change purse

3. crochet a granny square skirt

4. make a pair of fingerless glove just for me

5. crochet a blanket using different squares earrings and stitch markers march

i learned how to make these little pizzas using a tute from gentelman bunny. they will be going up for sell soon.
7.heart buttons march
the little hearts are painted(or something like that) with a toothpick
8. cupcake purse pink march

i like the way that this purse turned out. i'm going to sell it on my etsy page
9. cupcake purse blue march
i don't like the way this purse turned out at all. bla

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