Sunday, January 17, 2010

ohohoh woke up today .....

I love the hairspray sound track and the movie.

So i'm trying to teach Toby to crochet. for the past few time we went to knitting group he has been making little squares .yea i mean i got tired of scarfs after my second one, i guess he is the same way. because he wants me to teach him how to read a crochet pattern. he wants his first project to be a toy from creepy cute crochet .

meet the nicest kids in town....

Cafe Luwak Knitting group got some new members Matt and his wife . she says she doesn't craft. oh that can't be, all spouses must craft. it took me nearly a year to get Toby roped in. knitting wasn't his thing but crochet is easy and you can't mess up as much.

I finally got toby to let me workout with him. i just couldnt talk to much. or get in his way.


I've been co-washing three days a week . my hair get really dry if i dont keep it wet in some kind of way. i loves me some conditioning . i've been wearing my hair in boxed braids for the past weeks. i just redid it last week. I really should style my braids in some kind of way. I'll have to wip out the rollers tomorrow.

I can hear the bells...

I'm working on a ribbed jacket its coming along. i added a life line this time . because that dog loves to mess everything up. even if i keep it in my knitting bag he just goes sniffing in the bag looking for food. ok i do sometime drop candy in there, but i still dont want him in there.

i was hoping to get that jacket finished by the end of the week. but it looks like im not that fast a knitting and i got distracted darn toys so cute.
oh yea look at this

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